Friday, December 31, 2010

Shopping For A New Arm

Mac got to help his "twin" shop for a new arm this week!  Yup, you read that right, a new arm. 
This is Little Mister, and he and Mac are best buddies, and often tell people they are twins.  That little phrase has caused many strange looks and dropped jaws, but when you're six, it's OK if your twin is a a little different looking.  You just need matching hair cuts.  And tongues.
Last year, Little mister got his first prosthetic, or robot arm, if you're five, and Mac had to have one too.  They are twins after all!
So when the time comes to choose a new arm, who do you bring along to help?  Your twin of course!


RaD said...

Everyone needes a "twin"!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!
from A in Ohio

Bethany said...

This post was fantastic! It made my day. So glad your little guy has a twin.