Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Profile Watch!

Here we go again!!  Our profile is being show again next week.  This one seems like a really good fit for us, so I'm probably a little more excited than I ought to be.  While I really want to say 'please pray we get this baby', what I'm going to ask is that you pray that Mama picks the best family for this baby.

Thanks for coming along on this roller coaster ride!!


RaD said...

Congrats on the consideration (even if it's just a small congrats). God knows exactly which baby is comin' your way and He'll give you the patience to wait if you have too. :)

missy said...

praying for what is right for this baby. also praying that YOU are the family that is right! (and that you have peace while you wait. can't imagine all the emotions!)

Katie said...

exciting news! praying for all of you.

asian~treasures said...

I'm going on the record as saying, "I don't much care for roller coasters." BUT, if I have to be on one, it's definitely THIS one!

Praying for you guys, momma & baby! And, that the days will speed by as you wait!

Chocolate martini????