Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Last Thing

Today I did the very last thing we needed to do for our adoption.  I turned in our profile books.  From here out, it's all in God's hands.  Of course it was always in his hands, but now I can't even help it along.  We are officially "paper pregnant"!

 This thought is both exhilarating and completely terrifying for me.  While slogging through all the steps has been unbelievably slow, at least we were making forward progress towards our goal.  Now, we sit and wait.  I'm not good at sit and wait.  The program we are in means we can be chosen by a mom who is due in a few months, or a mom who has already delivered.  Or we could just sit waiting, not getting chosen at all.   I dare not get ready, in case it takes years, but feel almost panicky when I think about bringing a baby home unprepared. 

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Sadie said...

I vote the unprepared route. We bought a crib the day we turned in our profile, but were expecting to wait at least a little while before being chosen. Nope! We got a call, and went and got Robbie completely unprepared. It's amazing how little stuff an infant actually requires. We picked up a box of diapers and some formula at a Boston Walmart, and were good to go! Having a swing or bouncy seat or anything else would have been useless anyway, as we couldn't bring ourselves to put him down.