Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Concert

At the beginning of the summer, the kids and I made a list of all the fun things we'd like to do this summer.  Some we already knew were coming, like Chicago and camping, but some were just for fun.  Just last week I was lamenting that we hadn't made it to goal number 8, a concert in the park,  and the summer concerts in Whoville were over.  But, lucky us, a local church sponsored a free concert, so tonight we took the herd to rock out!
This was Mac and Princess's first rockin' loud concert, and I was worried about Mac, but he had a great time.....playing in the hand rails.
Princess, on the other hand....not so much.
But the big kid, ole' pros at concerts, rocked out with Daddy.
And yes, Buddy dis keep his fingers in his ears the whole time.  It's hard to rock out when you have SPD (sensory processing disorder), but he manages.


Rachel said...

Love the photos. I am sure that I would have one sitting on the ground as well. Let me think -- that would probably be my Grace!

God's blessings on your Sunday.

Hartley said...


I stumbled onto your blog today and thought I would say hi. : )

My son has SPD too, and I love the photo of Isaac with his fingers in his ears!

Thanks for sharing,
Author of This is Gabriel Making Sense of School