Tuesday, August 24, 2010

County Fair

We have a saying around our house.  "The fair comes but once a year.".  This is what I say any time a child tells me something isn't fair.  So, when the fair actually does come, my kids celebrate.  

This week was the county fair here in Whoville.  It's a cute, quaint small town fair, with animals, 4H, carnival and everyone in town participates.  As much as I love it, it does have one thing I hate.  EVERYONE wins.  Every single thing gets a ribbon, no matter how bad.  Every blurry photo, every finger painted picture, every heavily frosted cupcake, everything.

And that is exactly why my girls love it.  They take an art class at our co-op, and save up all their work to submit.  Then they come home with ribbons, and show them off proudly. 

And then there's the cash.  Yup, my girls profit from the fair, and I have no idea why.  The first year they got envelopes with $3.42 and $6.19.  I have no idea why they got that amount, and neither do they.  But honestly, they didn't care.  This year they turned in a lot more pictures, and got a lot more cash. 

After seeing the results of their work, Mac is on board and ready to paint this year.  Maybe next year he can get a envelope with $3.87 too!

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