Thursday, August 12, 2010

Company Picnic

Mr. K had his company picnic a few weekends  ago, and I'm only getting around to getting the picures off the camera now!   After a busy week, and a weekend trip to Iowa to visit family, and straight back into another busy week, I'm falling behind!  Behind on laundry, behind on school, behind on cooking, cleaning and SLEEP!
I always get invited to do face painting at the picnic, and this year there were only a few kids, so I ended up decorating my own kids!  And because they kept coming back, I kept painting until they were covered! 
They always draw names for prizes, and look who won!  Mac won an emergency car care kit!  You know, for his car.  I thought he'd be disappointed to get a kit he couldn't use, but he was THRILLED!  He carried his little bag all afternoon, and then insisted on taking it to Sunday school the next morning!  We did remove the jumper cables and flat fixer, for the safety of his classmates, but the safety cone and rain poncho are now used daily around here. 

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Aiming4Simple said...

That's so cool that Mac won something! We went to a community picnic in Canada and K. won a $35 oil change certificate, which we needed and used. Not exactly something she could carry around, but it helped to get us home!