Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School Work

Our lovely, wonderful vacation from homeschool is over.  We took the entire moth of June off, to go on our trip, and then because I was feeling rather burned out.  But the time has come to get back to the books, so I took a week to get some planning done for the rest of the summer, and a general outline for the school year.

 We're trying something new for history this year.  A friend recommended getting the Story of the World books on CD.  We're going to listen to them in the car and we travel back and forth to the big city, and keep our notebooks in the car too.  Maybe we can finally get through a whole book this way!

Because Buddy is old enough to help choose his school stuff, I had a meeting with him to figure out what I needed him to cover and what he wanted to learn about.  I want him covering the basics of math, grammar/literature, American history and science, but am flexible about it, and anything else he wants to add.  He decided he wanted to have a deeper knowledge of "the classics", and wants to read Charles Dickens and Shakespeare.  Honestly, I was dumbstruck!  What 8th grader asks for that?!  Then he went on to tell me he'd like to learn a bit of Russian history!  His teacher is going to be doing a lot of research this week!


Diana said...

I LOVE it! What a great thing to be wanting to learn classics and Russian history! It's an inspiration that when boys get bigger they don't want to learn just how to blow things up! Hehehe! I've found (even in my limited HSing so far) that it's great fun to get to learn something right along with your kiddo! :)

Katie said...

What a smartie! Can I come over for a lesson? I can't recall a thing about any of these topics.

Anonymous said...

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