Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Started, Getting Finished

What a crazy day!!  We got a call yesterday, as Mr. K drove me to pick up our van from the van doctor, after it's 3rd visit in a week, and it was our new adoption worker.  She's finally ready to meet us for our profile meeting!!  And what is the only day she can meet us?  Today!  Yep, a whole days notice!

And because we already had plans to meet our co-op buddies at the park, it was gong to be a busy day.  So, what do you think my little darlings did at the park?  Flung themselves into mud puddles!  No, no one kid, TWO!  Yup, 30 miles from home, and important meeting, and two kids covered in mud!  God bless her, I called my friend Jill, and she set me loose on her kids dressers so I could clothe my soggy children.  I owe her big! 

 And on to the meeting:
I think I set myself up a bit, with all my anticipation.  I went in all nervous and excited to be done with the last step in the process. Well, last thing until we get chosen anyway, and when I was really there, looking at profile packet and getting handed more stacks of paperwork to read and fill out, I was even a bit nervous.  Then I saw the profile examples, and went from anticipation to dread.  They were so fancy, professional looking even,  and I"M SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT????  It was so overwhelming!  They were like eight page car ads, only selling people!  Everyone had big, beautifully decorated houses, wonderfully adventuresome vacation pictures and beautiful layouts.  We do not have a fancy house, we do not do fancy vacations.  Honestly, I was so overwhelmed, I almost teared up!

Then my darling hubs said exactly the right thing.  Start with the easy stuff.  The easy stuff......I can do that!  And even better, he said this sounded like a good reason to upgrade my scrapbooking program!  What a jem!



It's nice you have a hubby who says the right thing....I hear alot ( and experienced ) the hubby that either said all the wrong things or said nothing at

I'm new to your blog...but the adoption stuff sounds so exciting and scary at the same time...

and don't worry...its not how fancy you are or the size of your house and vacations....its how much love you have to give...and Im sure someone will see that.

Good Luck to you

Diana said...

*HUGS* for you. God has the perfect child in mind for you, and it doesn't matter how fancy your house, your vacations, or even how clean your kids are. He'll bless you when He's ready. :)

missy said...

you don't need to sell yourselves...your strong sense of family, creativity, fun, and true enjoyment of one another will shine through. you truly live out the "finer things in life". and i don't mean big houses and fancy vacations. i mean love and laughter. i know your book will be a beautiful representation of your delightful (and delightfully quirky) family. we love you guys! let me know if you need anything.

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Mike and Katie said...

I dreaded making the profiles, too. It so hard to sum yourself up in a few reasonable pages.

I loved your comment on the blog frog. ...all babies should be fed..." That had me rolling! Nobody can argue with that one!