Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stanley in Saudi Arabia

Stanley spent the week in Saudi Arabia this week, and he kept a journal!  Here is what he had to say:
 I had a long ride to get the Saudi Arabia.  It is very hot here.  For the longest time I was in a classroom with a lot of children who tried teaching me Arabic.  

Finally the teacher remembered to take me somewhere.  I went home with her!  Did you know that there is a lot of sand in Saudi Arabia.  I was also surprised to see all the women wearing black, they must be hot.

I was hot too, so this little girl that they called Punky took me to the beach with her. On the way there our car got stuck in the sand.  Punky had a lot of fun with me at the beach.  I build sand castles and looked for sea shells.  I have never seen the Red Sea before (it wasn't red!).  I wanted to go snorkeling but we could not find a mask that fit me.  

When we home and played a little.  Then Punky took me to a swimming pool where a lot of the westerners live, it was a real nice area.  We were able to eat lunch at the pool.  She made me a bagel with peanut butter, YUMMY!  

Afterwards we went shopping in Jeddah, but we forgot to take the camera with us. 

I liked visiting a desert, it was very warm.  I hope I do not get sent to a cold place next, I may  have a shock!

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