Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Update

Finally!  The last of our adoption paperwork arrived Thursday!  Should I admit that when we realized we'd forgotten to notarize one last thing, we sprinted to the bank, Mike literally, before they closed?  He ran through the door, panting and gasping, rushed up to the teller to ask if their notary was still there, JUST as the bells began to gong five o'clock!  She graciously stamped them for us, and was delighted after she heard why we needed it done that day.   We really wanted the whole packet done so we could turn it in at our class.

We attended our required adoption class all day Friday (thanks to our generous friends for shepherding our herd!), and learned a LOT.  We learned about the process, and what the next few steps are, as well as getting some insight into the birthmom's side of the process.  We also learned quite a bit about trans racial adoption, bonding and even skin and hair care!

I was so excited to hand them our giant envelope of paperwork, and that last notarized page from the bank, but we couldn't!  Their office was closed, and the ladies didn't want to loose our paperwork, so I dropped them in the mail today.  Kind of disappointing, but I guess it will get there when it's supposed to, no matter how excited we are.


legendswife said...

Amen. Sometimes things don't fly the way we think they should go. God's the pilot. He'll bring you guy's through it.

God Bless

Rachel said...

Continuing to pray!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the adoption process.
On the other hand, Flat Stanley has enjoyed his time here in Saudi- but I can not find your e-mail address can you send it to me (

Cascia said...

Good luck with the rest of the adoption. I will be praying for you too.