Thursday, March 18, 2010

Step Two, The Process Begins!

We got our acceptance call yesterday!  Our adoption agency officially agreed to work with us.  We are officially filling out more paperwork.  Is it totally stupid that I'm excited to get a big envelope full of complicated questions?

Now, I can begin to worry about the important stuff.  Like how to take care of the hair and skin of children of color.  Did you know they have blogs and Yahoo groups dedicated to that subject?  Good thing, because I'm clueless!  I feel the need to have an informational meeting with my friend Missy, who has a princess from Ethiopia.  What do you think Missy, Carlos O'Kelly's or Chipoltles?


Diana said...

Yay! Congrats! How exciting for you! Pardon me if I missed this somewhere, but do you know where you are adopting from?

Jamie said...

Exciting stuff!!!

missy said...

you name the time and place. i'm there! i am by no means the expert, but i think the products i am using are affordable and pretty good. and guess where i bought them? WALMART! of course, your walmart my not have as big of an aisle of african american hair care products. :)

asian~treasures said...'re SO crazy to be excited about paperwork. : ) But, HOORAY on being accepted!! Let more craziness begin!

And, let me tag along...I want to hear Missy talk about hair!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news.