Wednesday, March 24, 2010

See It All at the YMCA!

My first job in 15 years is coming to an end soon.  The job that made me have to file taxes for the first time this century, teaching homeschool PE at the YMCA.  I love this job: One hour a week, lots of smiling kids running everywhere, happy mommies, a free membership for me.  Great deal!  BTW, my filed income for the year?  $99!

The Y we teach at has a disproportionate number of little old ladies at it, and they all take water aerobics.  Good for them, right?  Yes, unless it's our swim week.  It turns out that ladies loose every ounce of modesty on their 60th birthday.  So picture me, my girls and 5 year old son in tow, meeting another dozen moms with their kids trailing, in a locker room the size of my kitchen, and naked 60+ year old boobs everywhere.  Nope, not kidding.

They walk around totally, butt naked, nude.

Totally nude in front of all of us, including the boys we are frantically dropping towels over the heads of.  Do they not remember being mommies of 5 year old boys?  Boys that are not old enough to be trusted to get showered, dried, and dressed while unsupervised and alone?  And, honestly, not to be rude, but if I had 70 year old boobs, I'd keep them to myself. 

Oh, for the joy of a family changing room!


Millie said...

LOL, I'm nowhere near 60 and my boobs are waaay too old to be flaunted! Love your blog, BTW :)

The Soldatke family said...

Another incentive on top of your $99 is the fact that on your taxes, now Obama gives a $400 tax credit if you HAVE A JOB (yes you read that right) there is an extra $400 dollars in your pocket, just for looking at 60 year old boobs! cha ching!

Rachael said...

At my gym they do the same. Although they don't allow age 3 and up. You have to go to the family room to get younger boys. there is no shower or rest room or anything. not to convenient.

asian~treasures said...

I'm covering my eyes just reading...

red-faced & embarassed,
Sheri :)

trooppetrie said...

ok, that made me giggle.