Thursday, January 21, 2010

Modest Mac

Mac has discovered modesty. Sort of. Until recently, when I've sent him to put on his jammies or clothes, he's fetched them and stood in the middle of the living room to put them on. He had no modesty at all, and would even change in front of guests, much to my chagrin. But recently, he decided that it was not OK for others to see his Thomas the Tank Engine underwear.

Now any sane person would put their jammies on in their bedroom, where they can save their underwear from the embarrassment of being seen, but not my Mac! He stands in the middle of the room, strips off his clothes and announces, at full volume, that he is wearing nothing, and no one should look. If he catches your face turned in his direction, he will use his hands to cover up his underwear, and stand waiting for you to turn away. I have suggested, several times, that he might consider changing in his room, but he has been unwilling. Tonight, after the usual exclamation, I asked him to change in his room, where he could have privacy, and he answered

"But then I will get lonely!"

Alas, changing clothes requires company, but not an audience.

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Bethany said...

Aww, that's sweet!