Monday, December 28, 2009


We have this lovely advent pocket calendar that we stick out nativity guys in every year.  Our nativity set is never quite the same year to year, and this year was especially .....interesting.

Sure, all nativities have a Joseph and a Mary, but ours live on the roof!  The roof of a chicken coop.  With their monkey.

And dare I even mention the roman soldier?  Or the lady pirate?  Both well armed.

And the lion in the barn, right next to the cows?

Ah, there they are!  The rest of the pirate crew.  Right next to the angel!  Now where did those turtles and the whale go?

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j said...

wow. i am speechless. the monkey and the indoor plant in the barn were creative touches. i dont think i can find a better nativity scene if i tried. great work kids!