Thursday, December 31, 2009

Muffin Tin Christmas

I know it's past Christmas.  This is where I confess that our bog runs a week or two....or three, behind our real life.  So, we had these the week of Christmas, not this week, but the baby Jesus hot dogs were so cute, how could I not post?  One of Mikes coworkers asked if it wasn't a bit sacrilegious to eat baby Jesus.  What do you think cute, or gross?

Anyway, the tin had baby Jesus, snowball marshmallows, a tree shaped bread, farm animal cookies, cheese stars and shredded cheese hay for the manger.  I couldn't put Jesus in the hay because it kept melting it.  And least you think I'm that creative, I swiped the Jesus' from here.


mamajil said...

neat ideas I will have to remember this one and try it next year! Happy New Year!!

Rachel said...

So cute! I love your MTM meals!