Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lunchbox Promise

I just finished reading this post at Elementary Spirits, another homeschooling mom like me.  She's working with Oscar Meyer and Food Bank of the Rockies to raise money and awareness about the state of our countries food banks right now.  If you go to her blog, you can link through to the Oscar Mayer site to make a "lunch box promise".  A lunchbox promise is just a note you drop into your child's lunch box.  Make this promise on their site, then go back and comment on her site with your promise number (mine was 50289!) and $5 goes into their account!  How easy is that??!

My mom works at a food bank & shelter in Denver, and I've seen how empty their shelves are.  Did you know that food banks are turning people away, because they ran out of food?   Did you know that when a person asks for help with diapers, they get 6.....for the month?!!!!  Can you even imagine trying to stretch tat out a bit longer???

Please take a few minutes out of your blog hopping and head over to Elementary Spirits to make your promise! 


Brianne said...

I am glad you are bringing this up. It is so true. So many more people are needing to use a food bank. Last year I donated a weeks worth of grocery money. Unfortunately this year we are not is a position to do so but my grocery store lets you donate a dollar or more everytime you check out. So I have been doing that!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

number 50970
we homeschool but it would be a nice idea to leave a note for them. they love it

Barb said...

That is so very cool of you to help me out. Thank you! Are you in Denver too?

Cascia said...

I've heard about all the long lines at food banks. It is so sad.