Friday, October 2, 2009


This week I got asked the most dreaded question a homeschoolin' mom can be asked:

"What about socialization?"

I HATE that question! Honestly, the first thing I think when someone asks that is This person has NO knowledge of homeschooling! This is such a busybody question!

When EVER in you adult life have you been segregated by age alone? NEVER!

Why would it ever be a good idea to let kids of the same age teach social skills to each other? They don't have the skills, but they are supposed to teach each other? Would we let non-readers teach reading? NOPE!

Dictionary definition of socialization:
1. To place under government or group ownership or control.
2. To make fit for companionship with others; make sociable.
3. To convert or adapt to the needs of society.

#1-Are you interested in this for your kids?
#3-How 'bout this one? You want societies needs to dictate how or what your babies do?

#2-What would be the best way to teach our kids to be "fit companions"? Put 30 in a room, strap 'em to a desk and put 1 adult at the front of the room with a loooong list of things to get done that day? -OR- Spend lots of time out in the world interacting with people of all ages, races, political opinion, religious belief and personal quirks?

If anything, I believe that most homeschoolers would agree that their kids are over socialized. Here is a list of activities my kids do each week: dance, bible study, homeschool gym, piano, sax and flute, co-op (6+ hours) church, Sunday school and swimming. This does not even count the library, grocery store, restaurant, play dates and park visits we do during a regular week!

Are my kids under socialized? I think not.


Anonymous said...

I need to embrace the idea of homeschooling.

The Soldatke family said...

Amen sister! Amen!

Nicole Beurkens said...

Great post! This is a question that really bothers me as well, especially in the context of parents homeschooling their children with autism/other neurodevelopmental disorders. My colleagues and I often recommend homeschooling for our clients because it allows for a more developmentally appropriate approach to remediating the cognitive, social, communication, and physical needs of these children. There are many other professionals, however, who take issue with this recommendation and use the argument that these children need to be in school to develop any kind of "social skills." I know that the children we work with who are homeschooled are developing true relationships with their family members and others that far exceed any rote social skills taught in traditional schools. Thanks for talking about this and educating others!

Alison said...

It's my pet peeve arguement too...