Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Fun To Play at the YMCA!

I started my new job this week. Yes, a real life, paying job! My friend Jen told me that the YMCA was looking for a teacher to co-teach a homeschool gym class with her, and that I'd get an employee discount on a membership, so I jumped at the chance. The Y membership is WAY more than I'd pay to access a pool year round, so it seems like a great deal.

As I filled out paperwork, it occurred to me that I have not had a paying job in 14 years. I have not filled out a W2 in 19 years, have not had an interview in the same amount of time! I don't even own interview clothes! Nothing makes a woman feel old than trying to remember the address of her last employer from almost 20 years ago, and the one before that, and the one before that!

So ole' Granny me hobbled in with my cane and ran the pants off those wiggly kids! Now I need to go buy a whistle!


missy said...

that's so exciting!

Bethany said...

Ohh cool! Have fun!