Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's in a Name?

We've been talking about baby names around here. As we wonder when we will get to see our still-in-the-planning-stages baby, we've begun to come up with silly names and initials that spell funny things (like IMOK), and look at family names we want to hand down, or NOT hand down, and nicknames. Naming a kid is serious buisness, but nicknames are pure fun!

I'm a big nickname person. All my kids are called by a nickname, and I even plan them before they are born. Isaac was Ikey when he was a baby, and now is Buddy. Emma, Ellie and Mac are nicknames, just short versions of their longer, first names.

And then they have the silly, endearing nicknames: I call Emma Miss Mouse, because she was such a quiet little baby and toddler. Ellie is Ellie Bear, because as a baby, she growled at us. Mac is Monkey, because he is ALWAYS jumping off the furniture, an Bug, because he likes them so much. Isaac is Buddy, because he's EVERYONE'S friend. We joke that he's never met a stranger! We've already made a nickname for our new baby, one that fits in perfectly with what his real name will be, and fits in with our family joke about the boys being Mac and Buddy, two names you call people who's names you don't know.

Do your kids have nicknames? Endearing or otherwise? Please share!


asian~treasures said...

What??? You forgot to mention "Oddy" as a, maybe more of a misprounuciation.

LittleMister & HoneyGirl are used around here, along with Zi (Zee) & My (Me).

missy said...

should the nickname that goes with mac and buddy be obvious? i'm a little slow. as you know, we have tater tot, em, action, and lulu. honestly, i wouldn't mind a 5th nickname being added to this bunch. shh...don't tell bill!!!!

Rachael said...

yes, i love the nick names too. Kylie has been bobylie, colton has been colt, jack hads been jackie and benjamin either benny boo boo or benny. the new name is still too confusing. last night scott decided it would be scott jr. we will see. i am not committing until i see it. pray i go very soon. please