Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School

I love back to school!

No, not because mine go back, but honestly, I'm glad everyone else's kids will no longer be running down the isles at the grocery store knocking over people and boxes, screaming and demanding candy. Is this selfish of me? I love sending my kids on "spy missions" to gather ingredients for stopping an evil plot to blow up the world, and it's too hard to pretend when there are too many naughty kids getting in the way.

And the library! Oh, I can't wait to have the library back! If I have to hear any more teenagers swearing at the library, I'm gonna start bringing a bar of soap in!

And the back to school sales are amazing! 20 gluesticks for less than $1.50? You can't beat that! My kids love this time of year too, because of all the packages. It's better than Chrismas, because I open the boxes in front of them instead of hiding them. They think Santa works at Amazon!

Any of you looking forward to back to school?


Emiley said...

I totally understand that feeling. For us, the big thing was the Children's Museum....I LOVED it when we'd have the whole place to ourselves and I didn't have to watch everyone like a hawk!

Amey said...

I replied to a homeschooling question on the blogfrog and saw that our replies were very similar! So I then checked out your blog and was cracking up! You have to check mine out. I just did a blog on our "pet" millipedes and one on about everyone going back to school except us!
Love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

How did you get started homeschooling? I have thought of doing this, (if my sons new school does not work out) but how did you even get started? To me it seems like I would pull my hair out?

Pam, mom, honey, said...

I do not know how I found your blog but wanted to say I love back to school. I love it because all the neighboorhood kids are back in school and my family can have the playground to ourselves without hearing yucky talk. We can go to the pool and there is only other homeschool families there. Oh and the sales, is there anything better than a 10 cent notebook. I buy them by the box