Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Luci...henceforth to be called Lulu!

We went to O. today to see our friends come home with their new baby from Ethiopia. I am SO excited to see her, and so is Emma. She, like her mama, has never met a baby she didn't like! We got there with mere moments to spare, and just in time to hear a message from my friend's sister saying the plane had been delayed. Oh well! We met up with the other mommies waiting too, and rode the escalators long enough to get dirty looks (imagine 8 kids riding up....down....up....down...up.....etc.), and went on a secret spy mission to find cookies.

We waited, and waited. Another phone call, delayed again. Seems that the plane is broken, and so is the replacement plane. Rather that sit for another 4 hours we head to the zoo! Where we rightfully belong!

And, would you believe, ran into friends (Hi Marty!)! And then, a follow up phone call--flight canceled! In sympathy, we rode Skyfari. You believe me that is was in sympathy, right? And then headed home.

We will return tomorrow, where we will (hopefully) get to see those sparkly brown eyes and soft fluffy hair. I can't wait!

PS-This really is the best picture I could find. She had to keep hidden, for her safety, until she gets home.

Oh, I just figured it out! In sympathy for their NOT being up in the air, we were! That's it! It really was sympathy!

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