Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun

We had so much fun this year! The Quirie family came early to help with the garage sale, and stayed to enjoy the Whoville fireworks. In past years, David has attempted to burn down both the house and car with his fireworks, but this year he gave us a break! Good thing, because we didn't up our insurance for the day!

The kids rode bikes:

After the bike riding, we discovered the HUGE sticker on the Flying Turtle bikes-don't ride downhill!

--------------------------Adria took a nap-------------------------------
-------------------and played with our kitty.--------------------------
--------------Everyone obeyed the safety rules---------------------
And we all watched this new American celebrate her first Independence day.

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asian~treasures said...

For those wondering, she wasn't scared...she was MAD because I wouldn't let her hold (or light!) the sparkler! She's a daredevil & LOVES catfood, too. : )