Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Shoe you, I Shoe You Not

Mac lost a shoe again today. This is the 4th pair of shoes he's managed to lose one of. I do NOT understand how a kid can leave the house with two shoes and come home wearing only one, and NONE OF US NOTICED......INCLUDING HIM! I guarantee if I left a shoe somewhere I'd notice!

As I pulled him out of the van today I noticed he was wearing one croc, one flip flop. When I questioned his footwear choice, I was informed he'd been wearing then all day. ALL DAY! How did I not notice this. You'd think the sound alone would have tipped me off. "Flip...squeak...flip...squeak..." And WHY was he wearing one croc and one flip flop? He's lost a flip flop. The ones I bought last week.

This is you offical heads up. I do NOT want to be questioned about the footwear choices of that particular child. We all know that Thomas the Tank Engine snowboots are year round wear around here, and now non-matching shoes are perfectly acceptable, got it?!


asian~treasures said...

um...did my daughter wear it somewhere & "help" lose it?


Emiley said...

Here's a good one....yesterday AFTER the kids had been at VBS all morning, I discovered Andrew's shorts had a hole in the back, and that he decided to NOT wear any underwear for some reason!! :-) Isn't parenting fun???

Anne Basso said...

I'm so sorry. At the same time, I'm so glad to know that mine isn't the only kid whose done that!

Shawnda said...

We Mom's cannot be held responsible for how our children dress until they are at least 30 :)