Saturday, May 23, 2009

Running Again!

From glorious nothing to run raged in a week! Now why can't I figure out how to balance it all into a nice, smooth ride? Wouldn't THAT be nice?

I'm desperately trying to finish a few projects before we head out on our 3 state trek to Uncle Danny's wedding, along with all the list making and baking that comes before a trip. Yes, I said baking. If we don't want Isaac to survive on granola bars and fries, I have to bake and pack up all his food! I'm attempting to make lapbook for the kids to do while we are in Yellowstone. I looked everywhere for one, and I don't think anyone has written one yet, so, I did! If it works out, I'll post the finished project.

And in the midst of it all, our anniversary! We have a typical Keesler Chaos tradition of celebrating this months after the actual date, so will be holding off the fun until we can get ourselves a kid free night! Anyone want to join us in a double date?


missy said...

happy baking. happy packing. happy travels. and, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

asian~treasures said...

Double date...perhaps! Have a great trip. When we were driving by Seward today, Micah wanted to stop. He said, "But, Mom, I won't see Mac for, like, 50 days."


Emiley said...

LOVE the pioneer outfit...and haven't we been planning a double Anniversary date for years now...maybe we should finally actually DO IT!! :-)