Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday Lives Again!

I am once again joining the ranks who have lined up for a cathartic dumping of mommy guilt by denying it happened at all. Feel free to join in, and jump over to Mckmama's blog to add your not me's!

I did not show a very poor attitude about my husbands business trip to Florida. I was not in the least bit jealous that he got to go to a place where the sun shows up for more than 10 minutes a day, where the high of the day is above freezing, where Mickey lives! I was completely sympathetic that he spent most of his time inside, at boring meetings, and only got to go to one theme park for a few short hours.

I would never allow my kids to eat s'mores for breakfast! Especially not after letting them sleep like puppies in piles on the living room floor..... and staying up past bedtime, ......watching brain numbing cartoons....... on a school night.

I did not laugh hysterically when my son accidentally put on his little brothers sweater (size 4t)instead of his own, matching one(size 14). He was not forced to ask his sister to help because his mother was too busy taking pictures and laughing until she had to run to the bathroom!

As all public school kids know, sometimes the weather interferes with school schedules, so when the glorious 70* weather showed up on Thursday, school officials at Keesler Academy did not call off school due to weather, and head to 2 different parks for the afternoon. The same school official did not break out the ice cream coupons for snack time either.

Lastly, I have not become an adoption cyber-stalker, checking in on my dear friends blog multiple times a day to see what glorious chaos they are currently creating on the other side of the planet! They did not have the audacity to taunt me with adorable, adoptable babies!

So there it is, for all the world to see. My mom guilt dump of the week.
Judge not least ye be judged! (Matt 7:1)

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asian~treasures said...

No, I didn't taunt you with pictures of adoptable babies & I certainly don't have any more pictures of precious babies who need a mommy, daddy & forever family!
I didn't walk around Hanoi with a baby girl on my back only to discover that it wasn't sweat I was was a very full, leaky pullup.
I am NOT ready to come home & sleep in my own bed, with my own pillow. I do not want a diet coke with ice.