Monday, January 5, 2009

Naming the Baby

Emmy got a new doll today. A hand-me-down gift from a friend. We REALLY did not need another doll. We own more than I care to count, and way more than I care to put away after a rousing game dolly daycare. So, on the way home the girls discussed names for their newest addition, and settled on Ashley. Now, don't get me wrong, Ashley is a lovely name, it just doesn't go with the rest of the dolls we own.

The American Girls came pre-named, so they have nice, very all-american names. Our self named dollies run towards the, well, lets call them unique. Dandelion, her twin with different colored skin, Rosabelle, have borderline names, and then we veer off into the bizarre. Uncle Tim, yes, she is a girl, Bunny Pants, and my personal favorite, Commander Bun-Bun are currently residing in the girls' room. Dolly that have gone off to a better life include Fuzz (or possibly Buzz, it was hard to tell) Mine, the perfect name for a doll belonging to a two year old, and Ambulance, received in the E-room after an exciting trip in the previously named vehicle.

So, do I declare "Ashley" to be a lovely additional grand-dolly, or suggest a name change more fitting to the family? Maybe Polio, or how about Zippo? Any suggestions?

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asian~treasures said...

Well, what about Sandwich? Since we're not using it for our daughter, it's fully available!