Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm not really a believer in vitamins, but I get so overwhelmed by mommy guilt, and the kids lack of healthy eating, that I do it anyway. In a vain attempt to organize, hoping to help myself remember to actually feed them to the kids, I bought one of these fellas:

I considered it a direct message from God, as it came in the kids "assigned colors", which are nearly impossible to find all together. I loaded it up, did good for about three days, and it was hit and miss from there. My one blessing is that I buy gummy vitamins. My Ellie is so eager to get her hands of those free yummies, she reminds me ALMOST daily. She also gets these for her tummy issues, and they taste pretty yummy too!

The best part is this: Mac, the pickiest kid on the planet, who's diet is nowhere near healthy, would NOT eat those gummy vitamins. Wouldn't even consider them. Any candy that mommy WANTS him to eat must be bad! But Ellie's enthusiasm for the whole deal has slowly won him over, and now he will eat them too! He may just make it through childhood with out malnutrition!

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Octamom said...

Great idea~! And I love that it came in the kids' colors--we do a lot of color-coding around here too and I love it when I can find colors for all the kids!