Friday, December 19, 2008

Woe is me!

I had to get up at 5:45 this morning!!!! I know some of you are saying "So, Whats the big deal?" Ya see, I don't do early. Anything before 8:00 AM isn't worth seeing. But, this morning I had to make the decision whether to cancel our co-op or not. If it had been a regular co-op day, I'd have canceled last night and been done with it, but today was supposed to be the CONCERT! Ahhh, the agony of making coherent decisions while semi-conscious, freezing, in my jammies at WHAT TIME? of the morning. I might need counseling!

PS: My sweetie gets up early every day. He says I should get over it!


asian~treasures said...

My # today...310. : ) I'm super-impressed you were up so early to make such an important decision. It took David FOREVER to chip away the ice on the truck so he could go to work. Good thing he didnt' have to do that any earlier than 9:30.


missy said...

what did you decide??????

i would love to hear them play the office theme song. it's such a happy little tune. it also makes a nice ring tone.

no head hanging necessary around me! now if you let them watch it, that might be another story...