Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas with the Paparazzi

We had our own Keeslerchaos Christmas miracle this morning. The kids slept until 7:00! Last year we were up, presents opened and assembled before dawn!

The theme of our Christmas should be "Smile!", as the kids got cameras. It felt like the paparazzi were invited, as every move was met with a flash, or three! These lovelies are amongst my favorites:

We are well covered if we need to provide a piece by piece inventory of who received what, and exactly when it happened. My behind was inventoried several times, but I will save you from those epic images!

The morning's chaos was followed by the assembling of the gifts, always a fun time for any adults involved. Once the assemblies were completed, an epic battle ensued. The Roman Empire invaded Faerie Island, and the Centurions were defeated by Princess Blossom and her magic wand:

The Calico Critters were so excited to get a kitchen that they rearranged the entire house!
And my personal favorite: A clone Trooper in a mob cap!
Next- Birthday Madness!

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