Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My girls were messing around with the 20Q game Isaac got for his birthday last year. It's been lost for a long while, so my girls have a new found fascination. This game has an almost spooky ability to guess what item you are thinking of, and my kids strive to stump it. So this afternoon, as I worked on my new photo backgrounds (more on this later...) The girls huddled together, and proudly announced that 20Q had guessed right-POOP! My demure little dears are so elegant and sophisticated aren't they?

So now it's Ellie's turn to pick a subject, and after a few questions, I laid aside my work to listen better. She had picked a crown, of course, what else for my princess obsessed girly? As Em read the questions, she answered:
Is it metal? No! It's jewels!
Is it used for travel? Yes! (You bring yours on trips right?)
Is it useful? Yes! (I use mine almost daily!)
Is it heavier than a pound of butter? Yes!
Is it a utensil? Yes, ...... Mom, what's a uni-still?

Not surprisingly 20Q did not get this one quite right. (It guessed a bracelet though!) "Oh well.....lets see if it can guess PUKE!"

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McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny! We have this game as well and my boys have lots of fun trying to stump it with some unusual items!