Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's whats for dinner!

I have picky eaters. I admit it, guilt free. When my first started eating, and refused food, I would cook especially for him. He was so picky that he didn't eat meat for the first two years of his life (SID much?). He was, and still is, the carb king. He did eventually eat meat, but it was Arby's roast beef, or nothing! By then I had picky #2. She ate cheese and fruit. Nothing else. I quit cooking specially for them, and just made sure I served something I knew they would eat along with whatever else we were having. By baby 3, that policy was rapidly turning into the one bite rule, as in "Take a bite, then you can be done.". The current rule is eat up or shut up. I know, it seems cruel, but with the addition of known food allergies, I need to not be cooking 5 different meals 3 times a day.

So this brings me to my new discovery. Kids will eat almost anything if you call it something weird. I mean really weird. I have served monkey brains, snail tonsils, squid guts, and several other strange things this month. These dishes were eaten with gusto, and great compliments. I have tested this on the children of friends (Sorry Janelle and Patty!) and it worked on them too! It may seem strange to you that these things would be more appetizing than lasagna, lentil soup and chicken and rice, but why fight what works?

So next time someone asks you "What's for dinner?"........Tell 'em!

There is this thing on the homeschooling blogs I follow called "Works for me Wednesday" where all the mommies blog their good ideas for making life easier, so the rest of us can try it. I don't think this is what they had in mind!

PS: This does not come across well when your child asks, at the grocery store, OUT LOUD, if we can have monkey brains for dinner again tonight.

REAL Works for me Wednesdays at Rocks in my Dryer!

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