Friday, October 17, 2008


I don't even know where to start describing this week. After the cousinfest left, Ellie got the 4 hour flu, and vomited on my laptop. NOT a great way to start the week. All I could think of was the 2 years of pictures on the hard drive with no back up discs!! I am SO blessed that I just needed to replace the keyboard, and everything was fine.

Mac took his turn, still only 4 hours, but 5 sets of bedding. No one else has gotten it (yet), for which I am truly grateful. The bedding was priority, so now the laundry pile is nearing the ceiling, and we had to be gone all day Thursday, and at co-op all day on Friday. My goal is to be caught up before Christmas!

The highlight of the week was the library sale. We had never gone before, and boy was it fun! We left with more than 100 new books! Some are for Nana's babies, but most were for fun and school. Now I need another new bookshelf! Yipee!!


asian~treasures said...

I happen to have a "new to us" bookshelf. : ) Do you need it?

We didn't get nearly as many books as you did, but Micah certainly had fun looking!

Glad the keyboard is up & running!


Beth said...

Sadly, we out-grew that one a loooooong time ago.

missy said...

bad news...i intended to tag you and was surprised that it wasn't on there. so i fixed it. you are officially tagged. just pick your favorite 7!!! :)

missy said...

sorry about "the throw up" as my kids all refer to it. congrats on the books.

Beth said...

Good try Missy, I saw that! I'm #8, so it doesn't count-anyway, I don't have 7 blogger friends!