Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Cuties

Here are the kids all dressed up and ready for candy! Ike was a viking (no surprise to those who know him) Em was a princess, Ellie was a pioneer girl (Carrie from Little House specifically),(and yes I made the costumes), and Mac Buzz Lightyear (except that one). I REALLY wanted him to wear the pirate outfit, 'cause it's just SO cute, but he refused, so.....Buzz he was. Daddy was so happy to see how much chocolate we brought home. He is always so safety conscious on this night, making sure all the chocolate is safe for consumption, testing each kind, just to make sure it's up to his rigorous standards :).

Mac was so funny trick-or-treating. He knows what he likes, and if he didn't get offered his particular kind, he just wouldn't take it!! I explained several time that he should take it anyway, so he could trade later, but he didn't care. So, he brought home an entire bag of nothing but M&Ms and suckers, and about half as much candy as the others. Isaac gave him all of his M&Ms too, since he can't eat them anyway. Between the allergies and the braces, Isaac's down to only 2 kinds of candy. The girls kindly gave him all their Smarties, even though they like them too, because that is all he could have from the bags. I will continue the tradition of trading his candy for a Lego set, which he'd rather have anyway!

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