Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keeslers on Wheels

We went to Mathea's birthday party today. It was the first time my kids have roller skated. We've ice skated lots, but no wheels. We told Mac he was to little, but when he saw a boy smaller than him on skates, he just had to try. He thought he was amazing! All the other kids kept falling, but since his wheels didn't really roll, he could not only skate, but do tricks too!

Ellie was pretty confident, and did really well, considering she's only ice skated once, and never roller skated before. She stuck close to the wall, and then ventured out. Her only disappointment was how slow she was. Apparently she wanted to FLY!

The 2 big kids could hardly move on skates, but when they switched to blades, the did lots better. Isaac kept purposely crashing into the poles in the middle. He thought it was hilarious ( I don't know why). Em just wanted to keep up with her friend, and had lots of fun.

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