Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adventures in the Cart

I just needed to share my "Well Duh" award winner for the week. I dragged the kids to the grocery store (you know which one) this afternoon, against their will. In order to keep them busy, and make things go faster, I usually make 2 teams, with 1 big/1 little combos, give each team a list and a cart and send them out, but I hadn't got my act together (see previous post) and so was just sending them out commando style to get things.

This makes me a little distracted, trying to keep track of who got what, and what I'm shopping for, and I had to remember to pick up something from Mike, 'cause he couldn't fit it on the bike to get it home. Then the cashier goes into the "All all those YOURS?" routine, then the "HOMESCHOOL!!!!" comments, only served to shrink my attention span that much more.

So....I load up the cart and walk out. Half way to the car a lady in a vest stops me to say the cashier still has my receipt. So what? I'm thinking. What she means is, in my shrunken IQ state, I neglected to pay for my $250.00 plus groceries, and just walked out. SHOPLIFTED!! I was so embarrassed. I, of course went back in to pay. On the way home I called Mike to tell him about it. He laughed, thank you very much! It reminded my of Missy and the gas nozzle incident. You can guess what happened if you don't already know the story. (see picture->)


missy said...

you belong in jail.

what did someone named missy do regarding a gas nozzle??????

it makes me feel better to know you can be absentminded too!

tdrowlee said...

Hahaha! Isn't that always fun?

The comments on are they all yours and then homeschooling are so true! Why is is so weird to have 4 kids? I get comments now because I'm obviously pregnant (with #5) about not know what causes babies. Ha! We're getting pretty good at it thank you! Silly people.

asian~treasures said...

: ) I'm laughing mostly because of WHERE you were shopping!