Friday, August 8, 2008

Mrs. Wishy Washy

This is Mac's Mrs. Wishy Washy
Lapbook. A lapbook is a fun way
to show what we've learned. Mac LOVES to
make these, and he takes them everywhere
we go to show people. We use the "Five In
A Row" curriculum, and
it always has so many fun
things to do with our
favorite books. Mrs. Wishy Washy
is a wonderful book for 3 year old boys
who love to get muddy!
Inside: clean and dirty sorting cards,Pig in the mud painting, Make a Mrs.
Wishy Washy, animal moms and babies book, a coloring page, ordinal sequencing cards, hand washing info, pre writing strips, counting farm book. We got most of these things at Home School Share, and found the rest on the internet. We will
add the pictures we took playing in the mud and washing our toy animals to this to complete it!

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missy said...

as you may assume, they totally don't do this kind of stuff in public school!