Sunday, August 17, 2008


This has been the summer of the bugs! In an attempt to help Mac overcome his bug phobia, we decided to have a huge bug unit, and learn all about bugs. Lucky us, the library's summer reading theme was bugs too! We hatched butterflies (twice!) and ladybugs, had an ant farm and a worm farm. We caught fireflies, moths, spiders, and a praying mantis! And it worked! From scared to fascinated, Mac has become a real bug expert, and a brave boy! He now asks everyone "What's your favorite bug?", and when they answers, he tells them all about it! Lapbook coming!

Update Tues. Sept.19
Our ant farm is down to one poor, lonely ant. I can't decide whats worst, letting him live his lonely life in a jar, or putting him out to die in the yard!

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Shanna said...

I just started a nature study group that meets once a month. Our theme for Sept. is bugs. I can't wait to see the laobook!