Saturday, August 2, 2008

10 Foot Cattle Rub

All right, here is an example of quirky minds at work:
We drive past this sign on the way to Wal-Mart, and the kids are crazy bout it. Is this a rub for cows that are 10 feet tall, or for cows with 10 feet? And if a cow did have 10 feet, would it need a foot rub? Who gives cows foot rubs anyway? About the other item, no comment.


missy said...

lol....don't you just love where you live???? i would feel so protected if i could get me one of those items listed on the sign. i'd know for sure our backs wouldn't get us into any trouble! so excited to be blogging buddies with you. i'll probably comment on later posts too, so check those! you were born to blog, girl!

Rachel said...

lol that is funny! We see things like that all the time and I have to wonder what people were thinking :-)

Thanks for the tips on the training and the laugh! I really appreciate it!