Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Number Line Hop

Poor Ellie has been really struggling with what she calls "mystery numbers" in her math book. Mystery numbers are 5 + X=12. In my day, that was pre-algebra, but in our modern math world, it's first grade stuff!

While she could get the answer some times, she couldn't show me how she did it, so we've been messing with blocks, math-u-see rods and jelly beans, all trying to get it down. This is what worked: a giant number line. Why jumping on the numbers did the trick is a mystery to me, but not only can she do it, and explain it, but she started teaching it to Mac!

As an added bonus, everyone keeps counting, both forward and backwards, as they walk (or jump) down the hall, and now Mac recognizes his numbers up to 7, and can count backwards from 5!!!

I'm adding this one to Works for Me Wednesday, 'cause it worked!
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Grateful for Grace said...

I like this idea to help my Faith with her counting. Thanks!